Previous projects


Synbreed – Synergistic plant and animal breeding (2009-2015)

Genetic analysis of complex traits: major components of drought tolerance and growth-related traits (SFB924/1)

Root characteristics associated with drought tolerance in maize (2011-2014)

Sustainable maintenance of grain maize production by improving classical resistance against the European corn borer (2011-2014)

Plant-KBBE Cornfed - Integration of advanced mapping and phenotyping methods to identify key allels for building European maize ideotypes (2009-2012)

OPTIMAIS - Improving biomass yield in energy maize by optimizing the water use efficiency through breeding (2009-2012)


RYE-SELECT: Genome-based precision breeding strategies for rye (2011-2015)

Detecting footprints of selection in rye (Secale cereale L.) - unraveling the past for future crop improvement (2010-2013)

GABI RYE-EXPRESS: Establishing a high-density transcript map in rye based on stress-induced genes (2008-2011)

GABI RYE-FROST: Exploiting allelic and phenotypic diversity for frost tolerance in winter rye (2008-2011)

GABI TILL: Expansion and use of the GABI-TILLING platform for crop gene function analysis (Teilprojekt F: Rye) (2008-2011)

Characterization of resistance donors against soil-borne cereal mosaic virus (SBCMV) and wheat spindle streak mosaic virus (WSSMV) in genetic ressources of rye and their use for breeding of virus resistant cultivars


CORNET EFFICIENT WHEAT - Improving nitrogen efficiency in European winter wheat under drought stress (2011-2013)

CORNET WHEAT STRESS - Improving yield stability in winter wheat cultivars under environmental stress conditions (2009-2011)

Development of wheat lines with novel starch characteristics (2008-2011)

QualityNet - Selektionswerkzeuge für die Backqualität (2008-2010)

Klimazwei - Climate change adaptation of wheat production in Germany through plant breeding (2006-2009)

GABI KANADA - Reducing Fusarium toxins in wheat through genomics - guided strategies (2006 - 2010)


SUNRISE - Genomics assisted breeding in sunflower for better yield potential, stability and efficiency (2011-2015)

Identification of resistance genes against downy mildew in sunflower (2006-2010)